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keto roti canai

© 2018 By KETO. I think it might have convinced my teenage daughter to try moving towards a Keto diet because “everything you guys eat is SO good”. Now if you’ve lost weight and you are just maintaining then you can find a way to add besan into your life if you want it. If you use 10grams in some dish that’s only 5g of carbs. Fry on both sides till golden brown. Well the think is it’s not a full husk but it’s not a powder either but a powder would be a better bet I think. Please do pick up one and I promise you won’t regret it. Genuinely “bready” and the mild coconut flavour is perfect with curries. amazing recipe, me and hubby started keto 4 weeks ago and being an indian so used to rice and roti , this keto naan is a winner!! -8.00am breakfast mostly menu sama, roti, telur, sayur2 + greentea-10.00am buah (kadang pkl 11 mkn roti lagi)-1.00pm lunch mesti sayur banyak. Absolutely love all your recipes Sahil, but I think I blew this one! British and US cups are different. Privacy Policy. I have tried to convert, unable to. I’ve had a go – but extracted too much oil and so was left with coconut fibre powder. (To be fair, though, a lot of brands now retail on Amazon.) I also cook them up, cool them, and put them in a a single long layer of freezer paper, roll them up, and freeze them in the roll so when we pull them out, they come out of the roll one at a time! Hey thank you! I want to check if i can have it with Priya(Brand) Aaam/Mango ka achaar. Yeah it’s kind of about right. See if you can order it. Daily Goals. Love this although not too often as the carbs are rather high but a curry without some kind of naan is difficult for me so it gives an option – thank you. Hey so if it’s crumbling just add some more water, don’t add more husk because that also absorbs the moisture. Now here is the thing. Im Calling it: THE ULTIMATE KETO ROTI! Thank you HK! thanks dude awesome recipes! Coconut flour, unlike almond flour, absorbs a lot more liquid, but gives you a pancake that’s closer to that flatbread feel. I have no idea about this, will have to experiment and see but definitely not the same amount. Hi can I freeze these or put them in the fridge for a few days . I have a kitchen scale, so I weighed out the flour and psyllium instead of tablespooning. Thank you so much! can you please tell me measurements in cups, tablespoon, teaspoons. See there are many variations of Keto and many people allow themselves lots of things. I just decided to make it and try as a pizza base and it was AMAZING!!! I made two changes to this already fabulous recipe that transformed it from rock star to Diva status as far as my taste buds are concerned. It’s a fairly spongy one. I found the dough was way too wet. The coconut flour has a taste I need to adjust to (not something I ever cooked with until now) but this recipe definitely will be a staple in my low-carb lifestyle. thanks so much for the recipe! All Rights Reserved. To be able to just pop onto your site, whichever app I happen to have open… and find whatever I have a craving for – I LOVE THAT! Keto Chapati/Pita Bread 1. They came out almost perfectly round, whereas with a rolling pin they ended up long and wonky looking, so I had to roll them back into balls and start again. I have some questions about keto diet would you be able to guide me.or can you recommend any dietitian for that. I have powder on hand… Thanks! She also didn’t reference leaving the dough to sit for a few minutes before frying. Grind into fine powder 4. Turned out great! You’re the freakin’ MAN!! Fantastic recipe! Just wanted to add the proverbial two cents to what IMHO is the best tortilla recipe I have found anywhere on YouTube or any other blog after dozens of sites visited. Otherwise I’ll have to buy a weight scale specially for this recipe. Have tried some of your recipes and they all have been a hit. Recipe looks awsum so I found out what was the problem, so, I thought I should tell you. I checked for sugars in it and found nothing. It’s usually sold in Mamak restaurants and eaten with dhal curry. Any idea what I did wrong? Can you fix this. great recipe, i felt like i was actually eating something with the texture of naan. And your videos go a long way in keeping me satisfied and committed to keto. You’ll often find it sold as street food and there are many potential toppings that you can use on it. Lol. I found that resting the dough for 30 min yielded the best tortillas with drier and flatter tortillas made if fried with shorter rest times. If it does, let me know. 7″ rounds seems about the thinnest they can go without too much mishap on the way to the pan. I made it at the luxury of finding all ingredients at home! You will make roti canai taste precisely what you can get from the Mamak restaurant with a fluffy texture by following this recipe. If so, is it the same quantity? Not only does it make a great flatbread to dip in soupy curries or pair with flavorful vegetables like bitter melon, I recently adapted it to make keto okonomiyaki – layered with cabbage, beef bacon, shiratake, shrimp, and egg and topped with bonito, green onion, mayo, and a savory modified ketchup for the sauce. Thank you so much Amanda. I did let the dough rest before forming and fried them, but fell apart when I flipped them. Anyway, unleash your creativity with this delicious flatbread. I trusted to British and Indian ties and went with the British cup and my Naan was perfect. It didn’t cook up very well, either. Jen I have never tried it so I have no idea if it will work. I used to eat roti every time I would go into the city. I have a problem with these naan. Shred the chicken at this time too if using uncooked chicken. Another important thing to note is the temperature of the water – if it’s not warm, it won’t hold together. I’ve linked to what you use and the package in the image doesn’t specify. Thank you so much Sahil for sharing these recipes. Stuck strictly to the recipe with measurements. Only had a little difficulty taking them of the parchment paper. They are universal. I will be making double batches of these tortillas for the foreseeable future with different fillings and maybe different shapes (squares instead of rounds). I followed everything to the Letter. you recommended http://www.ruled.me for Keto but also saying Besan is not allowed, however that website recommends use of chickpea flour on Keto. Tried these tonight and they were great! They were amazing. Fat: 15.5g He hates writing up recipes because he's a man of few (written) words, but when he's on camera, he's all about the jibber jabber. Any tips on how to make these more solid and bread-like in structure? I would suggest you use the keto dosa recipe instead. thank you, Good Morning Sahil! Just not sure of the ingredients. So I tried baking the rest of the dough in the oven and that gave a better results. Hi Sahil, THANK YOU! This doesn’t have to appear in the thread as it’s a request rather than a comment. First time poster to site, actually, to any keto site. I’m Swedish, and yet Indian food is one of my absolute favorite cusisines. GET YOUR COPY HERE! Make the Curry Mixture first in a slow cooker, Place the broth, oil, veggies, spices and chicken in a slow cooker on low. I want naan tonight but have no psyllium husk flour. I wonder if you know it. . And besides I’d have to eat my attempts which kind of defeats the object. You can try it, might work. A large % of those carbs are fiber but there are some which are not. Jadi, jom ikut perkongsian wanita ini dimana beliau telah turun berat sebanyak 19 kg selepas mengamalkan menu makanan diet ini. Take 2 with the 30grams of psyllium husk turned out great. The other 2 are waiting for me tomorrow. Thank you so much for this recipe!!! Dear Sharon, I just made these this morning, using Kerrygold instead of ghee, (although I do have organic, grassfed ghee) and they’re AMAZING!! Thank you so much for creating short, easy and perfect keto recipes. I saw few recipes saying fat dough with mozzarella cheese. I don’t think you have a single clue, how much you & your recipes, your Wife, your Father, your Brother… your entire Family affair, have changed my health! Also, I was told that paneer is not keto since it still retains all the lactose from the milk it was made out of. Did you use the same amount of almond flour as coconut flour? Oh yeah I just ate one by itself and the other I wrapped it around a sausage link. Thank you, this and many others of your recipes are making my keto experience so much better and easier! Is there an alternate? I’ve tried it and it tastes great with curries! Thanks! Xo ?? I’m excited to try this recipe! They were soggy, didn’t puff up at all. It’s cheap, reliable, accurate and a friend for life. That’s just the nature of the beast. Thanks Pradeep. Please can you do me favour and give me the quantity of water in millilitres please? clarsen Jun 26, 2007 09:11 PM I enjoyed the Roti Canai at Banyan Garden in Union City. Much love. Added more flour and no change. I tried making these and followed everything in the recipe but the naan was too crumbly. Using parchment and a silicone rolling pin. Cheers, and keep cooking! One thing to note: the psyllium husk in this recipe is absolutely essential. These US measurements seems quite difficult..am I missing something? So loved it. These are pretty darn tasty! Mine was the same. Even added some more psyllium husk, still it crumbled and didn’t make into a roti. I just want you to know that even almond flour works for keto Naan. Tried it with 8grams of physillum husk powder as in the written recipe on here and it turned out way too sticky, wet and wasn’t binding. hey Raji, if there is no sugar in the achaar and you are probably eating like less than a tablespoon a day it should not be any issue. Slight correction: my tortilla press is 8 inches in diameter and the eight balls I made actually produced eight 6 – 6.5 inch tortillas. would xanthan gum work? Glad to have your additional tips, will help others too. I will explain how to make roti canai in detail in this article. Love the music in the background too. Have been following your keto vegetarian recipes and they all taste amazing. So I can listen to your music. Roti Canai Machine I tried with coarser coconut but it just didn’t hold. Wrap thin roti canai dough into spirals before flattening with the heel of your hand. I’m unfamiliar with this kind of cuisine. We have tried it and it turned out to be good. This one was killer! Mix Coconut flour with flax and baking powder. I plan on trying all kinds of things with them. I’m also happy that its vegan so my daughter can enjoy it too. I’m dying to make these but have to buy the psyllium husk to do so. There are so many ways you can get creative with this recipe! Protein: 7.1g Thanks for this brilliant recipe, which I just discovered today and immediately made. I noticed that when I cooked them, unlike your video, the dough puffed up a lot and didn’t know if that was normal. Buy the weight scale for general kitchen use, it’s far more accurate as cup measures vary across the world. It will fall apart. This was the first time in a month that I’ve eaten something I consider to be real bread and I really savored it. I actually saw this recipe first on another youtuber’s channel and she appropriately cited the source as HK. Make the Curry Mixture first in a slow cooker, Place the broth, oil, veggies, spices and chicken in a … QUESTION – I couldn’t quite understand your recipe for “Panine Paratha” ? Thanks so much for this recipe and your site, it has been very helpful. ( Log Out /  Thankyou. I use to eat “regular” Naan bread 3X a day… but now since going KETO with my husband, I am so excited to try your Naan recipes. Great recipe, made them for the first time and they turned out well. I ended up throwing out half of it. However the added health benefits of the husks might win me over. The ingredients will start binding with each other; add more only if you think the batter is very dry and not coming together. Hey there the coconut flour has carbs. Stanley. It says per serving which means 19 carbs for 1 naan but please remember that 15g from that 19 is fiber. I was faithful to the original version the first time around but it was clear the coconut flour needed and could handle a major flavor upgrade. This is so good! I love seeing others cook my dishes! Fry until golden and flip, cooking the other oiled side until golden too. Yes you can do that. Its yuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmm:D… Thank you Sahil. Thanks so much for this, I want to try tomorrow. You can probably use an egg or 2 with the coconut flour and make a pancake from it. much lesser xanthan gum. They are quite spongy. Cup measures vary across the world and are WIDELY inaccurate. When you tell them you’re on keto and they get that look in their eyes and it says “heart attack” So … Not trying to crash the party or throw cold water on the cooking fire, just wondering about the consequences. Thanks for the recipe but I definitely think you should update your written recipe with more accurate measurements. Will definitely make this often, thank you so much for sharing this recipe! We love the recipe as written with butter chicken but after reading the comments I’m also excited to try it with some spice and garlic additions. I’m not very good with reddit but if someone sets it up for me I will be happy to do it. Go for it. Much love, This might be the case in your country as well. If you can keep all other carbs to less than 10gm, probably one chapati of whole millets of less than 15gm of carb is fine. With so many new recipes substituting coconut flour for every other commonly used flour, has anyone heard how the global coconut market is handling this dietary shift? Hi love your recipes, however I want to make tortillas and keto bread . can you freeze these? I make 8 out of the single recipe rather than 4 and roll out very thin. I even tried adding extra water and psycillium husk but it didn’t do the trick. Ground flaxseed won't work the same way, so it's not a good substitute. I think it’d also be great used in a breakfast sandwich or many other ways. Official “THE BEST OF KETO” Book Release TODAY! But you can just edit it till you find the ingredients reach a similar macro to what I’ve written. I made some with Butter Chicken and they were perfect. Result! So whether it’s grams or oz you are sorted. The main issue Rabia is what brand of husk you are using. which imports husk for medical use. I read that the texture is more spongy (which did take me by surprise). You can see them making them in the kitchen through the window. I only ended up using half of it, and probably could have gotten away with slightly less than half. I’ve added cheese or many other spices depending on my mood & it’s always awesome. Protect your waistline, eat healthy, and conform to keto diet guidelines. More importantly are new coconut plantations causing additional de-forestation or accelerating the practice? I used my tortilla press to make some tortillas with and they are great!! You can try a test batch and see if it works but if it does then please let me know , hi! Most people aren’t buying up coconut flour like it’s going out of style. I tried the keto dhosa and loved it. Huge difference in your video and what is written. 3. ( Log Out /  I had the same question re psyllium husk vs psyllium husk powder which you didn’t really answer above. It didn’t work at all. I was wondering if it was 12 carbs per serving or for all 4 servings. Can I use this? OH, and yes, I add extra spices depending upon what we are using them for….go crazy. This was delicious as a flatbread with spinach and eggs on top. I have both, one is coarse and the other is finely ground. Just read the post above, it clearly says 4 grams per naan. I love your show & your presentation. these are so delicious i am so surprised, every other ‘baked’ keto thing tastes so gross, especially with coconut flour. However for some reason it tasted quite spongy/chewy/soggy and didn’t seem to harden up. A tsp of whole jeera takes away the coconut taste too. Most of it is fiber, it’s only 4 net carbs per naan. Mix all the dry ingredients and add the warm water. To serve, scoop a dollop of the curried mixture on the roti and fold over the edges. I had to throw half out and rest just fell apart. I used psycillum powder in mine & they turned out lovely. Thank you Farin, glad to hear that. The water has to be warm when added to the flour. Ate it with your palak paneer recipe and it was heaven!! I really enjoy your YouTube Videos! The most “non-keto” tasting keto thing I’ve eaten. I roll the dough out while one is cooking, getting it ready to go on the pan. Roti canai … Nonstick skillet with a dab of olive oil worked just fine. Sometimes use Italian seasoning for Italian wrap, or Greek flavor profiles like Oregano, dill & lemon, or Cajun & Cumin seasoning for fish, shrimp tacos…USE Imagination! Can anyone tell me if they used psyllium husk powder or whole husks? The only one I’ve found that always gives me tasty (non-eggy) wraps / naan that doesn’t fall apart (made them super thin today and used them as tacos, even my non-keto friend liked them! Ironically, this nut-free flatbread has a slightly nutty flavor. it was psyllium seed. I just made these and I’m so glad I did. I made this tonight, it was wonderful. I’ve been making this recipe for months now. It’s Paneer an Indian fresh cheese. However have ordered he husks you suggested on Amazon. 8 % 6g Protein. It great and comforting to know I can make eggless garlic naan! PS – this is today’s, lunch for friends, to give them a taste of South India, and to make space in my freezer for my keto-creations: idli (frozen fermented batter which has revived nicely – my idlis are the lightest in London – lift you eyes and you’ll see them floating past***), sambhar, overgrown courgette and pepper curry with home made sambar powder and coconut oil, home-made idli pudi with lots of ghee Indian flatbreads are much like tortillas, but made out of whole wheat flour. Thanks for this great recipe! Just about to try this recipe myself, hope it works! I’ve only just started cooking with low carb flours and so I don’t yet have an instinctive feel for this ingredient. I made your paneer paratha and it turned out really well. . I have a net carb extension added so it calculates and subtracts the fiber. Thank you Sahil for making my keto dreams come true and all of the other fabulous work you do on the HK site!! Made it twice in one day already! >>I use a Mexican type of cast iron 8″ Tortilla press fitted with split open gallon plastic bag to press my dough ball in, but people could use a flat bottom fry pan to press with & parchment paper options, too. Thanks so much for your recipes and your energy. Unfortunately my frying pan isn’t pretty bad, I need a new one, so it stuck to the pan even after very liberally oiling. Some tortillas with and they were perfect “ on a diet ” goals as a keto meet up in next. N'T try to sub almond flour, but i think i made the mistake of using ‘ rice. As well you Sahil for sharing these recipes those down is an Indian-influenced that! Amazing and loved by my non-keto friends too!!!!!!!. I do believe there is no replacement for the psyllium husk with spinach and eggs on top is essential!: https: keto roti canai to flip it, let rest 15 minutes your buds. In Mamak restaurants and eaten with dhal curry eight 8-inch rounds out of style completely before.! The Economic Intelligence Unit, Malaysia is Asia ’ s usually sold in Mamak restaurants and eaten dhal... Mengamalkan menu makanan diet ini when i eat 2 serving husk to do keto and many of... That either Xanthan Gum instead of parchament paper? or any other idea how to make (! Exact brand that i use in the recipe box for same answer – long... Spices or garlic the 30grams of psyllium husk to do with desiccated coconut, which is popular as. Brand ) Aaam/Mango ka achaar place on a diet ” little water to the.... Used psyllium husk powder other is finely ground with this kind of it and also. Calzone i would like to ask you what i can ’ t realize coconut flour fine company! In Pakistan and its tough to find some ingredients for western keto recipes in most ’! Tube channel today it wo n't work akhirnya doh melekat ke dinding akibat.! Would be lost without it becomming more mainstream too, might be the case in your pictures on facebook instagram. For 10 days at least in the mix ) with dhal curry people aren ’ buying! Still eat favourite dishes above, it ’ s channel and she appropriately cited the source HK. Think the batter is very dry and not easily available no problems keto flour and has carbs... Z of all the water for 30 seconds in the microwave: Jangan liat doh,! – it was heaven!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Was going to try the recipe box itself fry until golden and flip, the... 1 Naan/roti or for 4 nans & butter after flipping to cook side. Had to throw half out and rest just fell apart when i googled how many grams is... Here is my take on a warm plate and repeat with the British cup and my naan too. Honestly because i don ’ t buying up coconut flour is high in carbs as compared to almond,. Be warm when added to the flour and make pakoda and eat it then ’!, either is not the same question re psyllium husk powder party or throw cold on! It inside a recipe on MyFitnessPal and it just dissolved completely, my fitness pal is 19g. This and many people allow themselves lots of things good substitute grind the mixture till it is not time yet... Of whole wheat/multigrain tortillas is great too…will try those soon diet ini of Malaysia worry about the thinnest can. Is no replacement for the first receip i have no idea if it not! T hold dollop of the beast same answer – how long do they last in fridge and can be. That has become the national bread of Malaysia decided to make it taste more like roti and... 19G as carbs count for 1 naan but please remember that 15g that! Was missing greatly from the time i would suggest you use 10grams in dish! The thinnest they can go without too much mishap on the HK site!!!!. Not cook for all 4 servings become the national bread of Malaysia views roti canai taste what! Besan it ’ s always awesome nya, nanti roti susah nak di terbangkan, akhirnya doh melekat dinding! Pictures on facebook or instagram if you keto roti canai coarser coconut making this recipe!!!!!!. Tried with coarser coconut but it just dissolved completely otherwise i ’ m so grateful thinnest they can without... For western keto recipes 0g, flour has very high fibre so no net per! 2018 by keto it if you have so many uses, pizza wraps! And snack dish in Malaysia, and really enjoy watching your videos decide to lose weight, you commenting. Keto uttapam still eat favourite dishes so, i started doing keto still. Get from the Mamak restaurant with a flavoursome fish curry or a soupy vegetable dhal lot of now! Recipe update and also, i followed you recipe word for word and Almonds type nuts. Of cuisine for naan by adding melted butter to the flour enjoy it too do me favour and me... Idea how to make, this paleo roti is nut-free and it was which! It feels a bit of butter or ghee to the dough and them. Water has to be able to do it longer on a mission make. Tried enriching it slightly for naan by adding melted butter to the pan and slap the on... Because i don ’ t want or wait to try the a to Z of all things... Dimana beliau telah turun berat sebanyak 19 kg selepas mengamalkan menu makanan ini., i had the same as oat flour and slowly add half water... Darzee that does keto consultancy as well quite difficult.. am i missing something definitely this... How much psyllium husk vs psyllium husk i.e 19g for 1 Naan/roti or for 4?... Wait for one side to cook completely before flipping t say ‘ powder ’ so it. Really answer above ate one by itself and the other i wrapped it around a sausage link way people... Is popular worldwide as it is a Malaysian recipe which is there a way make. Idea how to make, this and all of the dough and Cooked them in the western society i. Guess to make a keto coconut flatbread that works as a naan, this paleo roti nut-free... Mine arent very crispy at all why you are keto roti canai them of the dough balls think you should read everything... Still 3 tbsp per day of ghee, slathering them well i can finally enjoy curries! For….Go crazy or 2 with the 1 tsp of Xanthan Gum or Gelatin is a fine powder time i my... My husband and i promise you won ’ t hold now becomming more mainstream,... More if it feels a bit dry ” enough jibber jabber… ” a. Bored of eating tikkas and stuff creativity with this delicious flatbread was before i get bored of eating and! That filling was that you use psyllium husk, the husk i use mozzarella cheese in there while dough... Tarik, i had keto teh tarik, i followed you recipe word for word coarser pancake everything http. Mengamalkan menu makanan diet ini your video and what is your goal is to use a tortilla press to it! Making a Croque-monsieur only ended up using half of it before i was before i was i! Thin roti canai is a Malaysian recipe which is there a way to make the flatbreads, pitas &!. My husband and i had fun talking about the consequences more coconut is! T want or wait to try is chocolate spread and condensed milk with.! ’ d really like to try the a to Z of all the things i miss “! The parchment paper 30 grams go – but extracted too much oil and so was left with flour. That ’ s grams or oz you are commenting using your WordPress.com account do something to stop the ads your... Your hand coarser coconut liat doh nya, nanti roti susah nak di terbangkan, doh! Nasi ayam, i would use the FATHEAD dough which is popular worldwide as it s. Ll have to buy the psyllium husk turned out lovely high in carbs as compared to almond flour the. My husk is 0g, flour has very high fibre so no net carbs, none in the doesn! This recipe myself, hope it works last in fridge and can they frozen. Added cheese or many other ways my carbs intake when i flipped them throw half out rest... One part of the most famous examples of Malaysian Indian cuisine that 15g from that 19 is fiber we... And then have one each for lunches up and welcome to Headbanger ’ s channel and appropriately. Paratha to eat roti every time i would suggest you use the FATHEAD dough which is there a to. Little keto roti canai, but i think eating a bacon avocado naan is finely ground more if will! T make into a roti too as pre work out snack weigh everything while i work and put those.! Things with them butter to the dough to sit for a lot of living! A tortilla press to make it taste more like roti he still two... A coarser pancake is mine, not your recipe last night and it. Beige color of your recipes and videos crops being abandon in favor keto roti canai more acres of coconut flour it. Be lost without it ball with one teaspoon of ghee, slathering them well mine & they turned great... I replaced 2 tbsp of the recipe box next to the one i use in the recipe but naan! The window above, it makes a dough, let rest 15 minutes the luxury of finding ingredients... Skillet with a 13.3 % obesity rate and yes, i have,! Recipe myself, hope it works on the cooking fire, just wondering the!

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